About Us

Company history

L&A Vape ltd started in 2010 as a small family business. Right from the start we followed high quality standards in terms of production, sales and customer support.

Now as our production expands, we continue to guarantee the quality of our products by following strict technological procedures, working with certified European and American suppliers only and testing each of our batches in accredited independent laboratories.

Today, after years of experience, we can offer a wide variety of high quality vaping products:
TPD ready e-liquid, shortfills and flavor shots

depending on your local market demands and regulations

DIY products

nicotine shots with nicotine free base, nicotine salts, flavor concentrates and pure bases

Large flavor range

We have developed a wide flavor range, starting from standard all-day-vape tobacco and fruit flavors to more complex, artisan recipes

L&A Vape offers loyal partnership and flexible terms to all partners. We will always deliver a high quality product and offer specific discounts and personalized terms to each individual partner. We can become your partner if:
- You are interested in distributing our brands on your market. ( exclusive distribution available )
- You already have a vaping brand and you want us to produce your product
- You are interested in developing a new product by your design

Our Beliefs

"Vaping is 95% less harmfull than smoking"
-Public Health England

Vaping for more than 10 years and experiencing the benefits of vaping, we truly believe in our product as a healthier and safer alternative to smoking with great potential to help a lot of people. What we don’t believe in is advertising vaping products to minors. Our products are intended for adult smokers only and should not be advertised, sold to or used by minors or non smokers.

It is never too late
to quit smoking